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German Studies Major

Undergraduate Requirements

General Information

The major in German Studies consists of a minimum of 32 credits in 3xxx-, 4xxx-, and 5xxx-level courses. All courses in the major must be taken A/F and completed with a grade of C- or better. At least two courses must be taken in the German program of the University of Minnesota. The Department recommends study abroad in a German-speaking country for at least six months for cultural familiarity and language fluency.

Additional requirements apply for students wishing to complete a major with Honors.

The major program must be approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Majors note: the Major Project Seminar (GSD 3451V/3451W) will be offered in both Fall 2011 and Spring 2012. Enrollment is limited in each term. For more information, contact the Director of Undergradute Studies.


Major Requirements

A. Literature, Culture and Society Emphasis

This emphasis is designed to familiarize students with contemporary approaches to the study of culture and society in the German-speaking lands. It is particularly of interest for students wishing to pursue graduate studies in German literary and cultural studies as well as for future high school teachers of German.

5 (15 cr) Ger 3xxx, 4xxx or 5xxx courses. Only two of these may be Ger 36xx, 46xx, or 56xx courses if the student does substantial work in German, as directed by the instructors or by the Director of Undergraduate Studies. One of the five can be a course outside the German program as long as the course includes sufficient coverage of German-speaking areas.


B. Linguistics and Philology Emphasis

The Linguistics & Philology track appeals to students interested in the history and development of the German language, and for those planning to do graduate work in linguistics.

The Major Project in this emphasis must deal with the German language, historical or modern.

TO THE STUDENT: The above information describes requirements of the German major only. The College of Liberal Arts also has requirements which must be met in order to complete a Bachelor of Arts degree. Students not in CLA have the option of receiving a German Studies major without the B.A. degree.

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