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Quotes from Recent Students

“Why did I choose Minnesota? That’s easy—I knew within five minutes of arriving for an exploratory visit that this was going to be my intellectual home. I was basically a blank slate, just starting to explore my interests in language studies, film, and feminist studies after several years working in the medical research field. After five minutes of talking with faculty, I cancelled all my other trips. The richness of my experiences here and the generosity of faculty encouragement and support have been amazing. I’ve gone from being a curious person to being a scholar—and a good teacher, too, thanks to the outstanding GSD teaching program.”

Alison Guenther-Pal, Ph.D. 2007

“Coming from a very different university system, I found the GSD department to be a very stimulating and encouraging place. The professors are well connected throughout Germanic studies and beyond, which opens up a lot of opportunities for students to find their way into the field. GSD faculty helped me connect with faculty from anthropology, geography, and cultural studies for my dissertation research [on tourism and Austrian national identity since 1945]. Also, enjoy the cultural life of the Twin Cities—not just the concerts and theater and other events, but the natural environment, the jogging trails around the lakes, and the bike paths along the river.”

Gundolf Graml, Ph.D., 2004

“GSD is highly interdisciplinary—that’s one of its real strengths. The faculty is on the cutting edge of innovative scholarship, and there’s lot of dialogue between the department and fields like cultural studies and feminist studies. It’s been an ideal place for me to pursue my hybrid research interests—a combination of literature, music, and critical theory. And I have to say that the Twin Cities can be pretty cool, too. It’s a very progressive place with a vibrant arts and music scene.”

Mirko Hall, Ph.D. 2006